#IO15 Google Photos 16 MP/1080P/Unlimited Storage

At GoogleIO, Google Photos was unveiled. 

The app features uploads of up to 16 Megapixels, making instagrams shy 612×612 minuscule resolution rather “weak.”  Sporting a 6144×4912 Resolution will make everything you ever shoot on a camera a challenge we’ll all accept in the future as devices gain more advanced cameras. Or if you own a fancy one now you can take advantage of the feature as the app features UNLIMITED Web storage instead of using your devices. Another feature is 1080P video uploads but that is common on YouTube – Up to 4K. 

The app can recognize people, has a search function, displays media on a pinch time format, and it is launching later today for PC’s, Web, iOS, and Android.




WWDC 2015 Dated for June 8-12 – Predictions


The yearly Developers Conference is the Apple event where new announcements of new products and software occur.

As of today, there have been close to no rumors regarding the event minus the release of the iOS 8.4 beta music app which integrates a more Deiter Rams color template and adds more functionality such as a mini player, full-screen album artwork once again (thank you apple), a recently added albums view on top of your artists list, and overall – just makes it feel more like the genuine iOS 6 app with a dropdown list selection list consisting of Artists, Songs, Albums, and Genre’s.

With iOS 8.3 released to the public last week… being the most performance and bug-fixing iOS update ( not just emoji’s) there are little clues as to what design changes could be coming, however here are my predictions for iOS 9 if there is one.

iOS 9 will bring new 3D animations to the entire platform, ranging from icons that change according to a users preference between round circles or round squares and color themes that blend into the surroundings like a chameleon.

Glass elements on top of 2D based on gyroscope positioning.

Force Touch adds a universal UI switch to bring up siri from anywhere by holding your finger on the screen for a while, or a radial UI of Control Center and Settings combined to select your wifi network from your control center… Putting an alarm clock by swiping down on the time, changing music using the mini player.




A new Apple TV gets siri to open up channel apps – a kids mode as well, iOS App Store to browse new apps, check the weather, family calendar syncing, and an overall easier way to swipe across apps with a new apple tv remote app with Siri. Game Center on Apple TV adds communication between friends while gaming, adds music integration.

An update to the iPad Mini adds force touch, a new layer of User Interface dimensions as well as a varient of the A8X. The iPad Air gets a 4K display if this year is possible but I think it’ll just be an announcement – The iPad’s haven’t been selling as much I think.

An updated version of the Apple Airport is announced, slimmer design. – Maybe

★ The future of the web is here. Project Maelstrom Beta

A web browser works by communicating directly to someone’s web server. You send a search to Google and Google sends you back your results. It’s a one way road. And this is why websites go down and you feel that your internet is slow sometimes. When there’s too many people trying to download, say The GTA V pre-load for Steam – download speeds slow down to handle the amount of traffic.

Today we use Peer to Peer technology to share files across the world using torrents. To do this – a person creates the first “seed.” It’s like a small drop in a glass of water. When a person chooses to download this file, and they choose to reupload the “seed”, the drop gets twice as big. Now there’s 2 seeds in a “pool.” If the speed is the same on both connections you can download the file twice as fast then as if with only one seed because you are using two “servers” instead of one. This is the concept of Project Maelstrom. It uses your computer as a keeper and distributor for sites you visit through their protocal bittorrent://website.com and it is going to revolutionize everything about the current state of the web except one thing.. I’d like it to be just bt:// instead.

This new idea means truly private and high customization of social networks with no outsiders able to join unless you grant them access to your website bt://file. It means you can create ranking lists for every seed file uploaded and then decide what you want to do with it… Make a Blackflix to only show TV Shows that have a 9/10 rating, Cortana that works with your browser through your mouse pointer, a website that streams music only if you can prove you are  hipster enough by testing you… All of the above and then some more.

Project Maelstrom is Out Now for Windows from Bittorrent HQ

★ Join the beta and rule the world!

Periscope Is The Next Wave

So there’s this app on iPhone (exclusively) that was recently purchased by Twitter, called Periscope and my god, I have been on it for 3 days straight… From the first day… we we’re basically making people show us their fridges. It was called #fridgegate and it was legendary. But it’s not just a mayo eating simulator, you can see everything the world is doing, in short bursts of live video streams or full sessions… That are interactive with comments. On Day 2 I kept up with iJustine’s COD Tournament invite, and on Day 3, I got a lesson from Lewis from UnboxTherapy where he told us that if the company of a product doesn’t promote their product better than the reviewers such as himself, chances are that the review won’t make a dent in the world like his iPhone 6 #bendgate video did.

Now, I am a fan of art, and all things digital. I thought Facebook was cool till I was made to download two separate apps (the Messenger app supposedly now has an app store in it) and when I saw the Terms and Conditions for the Privacy Agreements for both apps months ago, it’s like… Facebook is just an ad machine that just so happens could be what the iOS Contacts app should have been in iOS 7 without tracking your every move on the web to sell you some stuff. Which is why we moved to Instagram even though it’s owned by Facebook, so then we moved to Snapchat and they didn’t sell out. I believe this app, Periscope, is the next generation of pirating movies and films, going to music events, without even going to them, having private Illuminati conferences (there’s a private mode) and in general everything that’s made me stay on this app for 3 days… ignore my PS4 download queue, I hate that word, and ultimately… look at people’s fridges like it’s food porn even though we can’t eat your food, unless you shipped it to us like some guy made a kickstarter to make potatoes and succeeded at it.

Try Periscope on your iPhone today.