Enable Blur in Windows 10

IMG_0894 [2688]2 I was searching how to do this because I was one in the Windows 10 Insider Program that didn’t get the blur enabled after I updated to Build 10074. I found that there is a registry edit that enables it by default so I downloaded the Reg.Bat file from TenForums.com and got it working. To turn the blur on download this Reg Edit File and install it. VuildTo turn it off download this Reg Edit file and install it.


Neue Haas Unica

Try the world’s most beautiful font’s Helevetica rival Neue Haas Unica. It was found recently by Dan Rhatigan long after loosing it 30 years ago, he is the Director of Type at the foundry Monotype, and he came across it while looking for fonts to show at a exhibition about fonts through time. Helvetica is used everywhere from Apple products along Myriad, to designer brands. Dan has made Neue Haas Unica a web font for all to enjoy.

It’s available free to download from Monotype here.

Source: Gizmodo