pac man new york

You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps today on your devices and on the web. I just wish this thing was like a real theme for Google Maps and now I can’t wait till we get Minecraft in Twenty Years… After all it is made on Java. That should exist by then right? In like a V/AR version of Google Maps.


Spotify Out Now for PS4/3

Now you can stream your music while you play on PlayStation consoles. The only downside to this is PlayStation has to suspend the current application (your game) to change the album or playlist ( you can skip ! raise/lower the volume and pause by pushing down the PS button) which means you really have to like your album before you launch your game and that to me is insanity-wolfing so I’m just gonna make a playlist with all of my music. This is the first iteration of Spotify for consoles and in the future versions Sony would have to provide the ability in a firmware update to create an easier way to change the current song playing so we can enjoy Spotify to it’s full potential. Also I’m not sure how this will work with broadcasters of Twitch…