Justin Bieber kicked out of Coachella


Justin Bieber was kicked out of Coachella Sunday night, but not before he was placed in a chokehold … TMZ has learned.

Bieber and his entourage walked to the artist’s entrance where Drake was performing, when they were stopped by security and told the area was at capacity and they couldn’t come in. Bieber and his crew showed security they had the proper wristbands to gain entry.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, Bieber argued with security, saying there was no way he could stand in a big crowd because he’d get bombarded by fans. Security wasn’t having it and told him to leave.

We’re told Bieber persisted and said he was personally invited by Drake and had been waiting all weekend to see him perform. Bieber didn’t stand down and security was pissed.

At that point a Coachella staffer came up to Bieber and said she would escort him inside the artist’s area. She grabbed Bieber by the arm and began walking him and his security team inside, when Coachella security came up from behind and put Bieber in a chokehold.

We’re told Bieber’s team got into it with security and the singer was then ordered to leave the festival.

Sources close to Bieber say he voluntarily left, and they’re considering taking legal action against the security guards.

Source: TMZ


Daft Punk’s Mysterious promo leads to #Tidal Music Service

Daft Punk released a video today on his Facebook page for a music service called #Tidal. Should I try this thing? I’m already on Spotify… This service is launching in 20 minutes and it says it has lossless streaming features a web player, an iOS and android app, which look to resemble Spotify UI with one more thing… It has music videos included, so I’m gonna go test it out. Here is where you can find out more about Tidal.

Spotify Out Now for PS4/3

Now you can stream your music while you play on PlayStation consoles. The only downside to this is PlayStation has to suspend the current application (your game) to change the album or playlist ( you can skip ! raise/lower the volume and pause by pushing down the PS button) which means you really have to like your album before you launch your game and that to me is insanity-wolfing so I’m just gonna make a playlist with all of my music. This is the first iteration of Spotify for consoles and in the future versions Sony would have to provide the ability in a firmware update to create an easier way to change the current song playing so we can enjoy Spotify to it’s full potential. Also I’m not sure how this will work with broadcasters of Twitch…