Periscope Is The Next Wave

So there’s this app on iPhone (exclusively) that was recently purchased by Twitter, called Periscope and my god, I have been on it for 3 days straight… From the first day… we we’re basically making people show us their fridges. It was called #fridgegate and it was legendary. But it’s not just a mayo eating simulator, you can see everything the world is doing, in short bursts of live video streams or full sessions… That are interactive with comments. On Day 2 I kept up with iJustine’s COD Tournament invite, and on Day 3, I got a lesson from Lewis from UnboxTherapy where he told us that if the company of a product doesn’t promote their product better than the reviewers such as himself, chances are that the review won’t make a dent in the world like his iPhone 6 #bendgate video did.

Now, I am a fan of art, and all things digital. I thought Facebook was cool till I was made to download two separate apps (the Messenger app supposedly now has an app store in it) and when I saw the Terms and Conditions for the Privacy Agreements for both apps months ago, it’s like… Facebook is just an ad machine that just so happens could be what the iOS Contacts app should have been in iOS 7 without tracking your every move on the web to sell you some stuff. Which is why we moved to Instagram even though it’s owned by Facebook, so then we moved to Snapchat and they didn’t sell out. I believe this app, Periscope, is the next generation of pirating movies and films, going to music events, without even going to them, having private Illuminati conferences (there’s a private mode) and in general everything that’s made me stay on this app for 3 days… ignore my PS4 download queue, I hate that word, and ultimately… look at people’s fridges like it’s food porn even though we can’t eat your food, unless you shipped it to us like some guy made a kickstarter to make potatoes and succeeded at it.

Try Periscope on your iPhone today.


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